The box is very nice and keeps all the books in one place. I have read the original Japanese comic books back in the 90's. It's got some good memories reading them again now. Akira Toriyama is included in the beginning of each book. In the back of the book are the original title page covers from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Very nice set.

So glad they re-released this and Z. I've wanted them box sets for years, but where are they?

Great memory and good summer entertainment for my 9 and 7 years old kids. They both love it and my son is reading the 2nd time now!

Dragon Ball is definitely a product if it's time but it has a charm to it. I remember learning about Goku's childhood story after I first watched Z as a kid and wanted to experience. As much as I would like to watch the anime, I just do not feel like going through the filler and I do not have the time to watch TV. plus there's always some stuff they cut from the original works to anime.

Ordered this along with the Dragon Ball Z collection, and they are both fantastic! Very nice box, comes with double sided poster and a booklet as well! These sell for 9.99 per volume so the box is set to INSANE deal! Get it now, not worth the risk of possibly missing out !!!