We already know that planet-eating Moro can do a lot. After all, thanks to his magical abilities, he can suck planets' energy and even absorb the powers of Super Saiyans.

As the current edition of the manga now suggests, Moro could even be more powerful than Beerus, the god of destruction, and thus go down in history as the strongest opponent of Goku and Co. to date.

Moro versus Beerus - who is the strongest?

But slowly, slowly. Who was Beerus again? The cat-like creature, also known as "God of Destruction" or "Bills", is an opponent of Son Goku and Co. in Dragon Ball Super and in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

His powers? In 2012, V-Jump magazine named Beerus the strongest character in the history of Dragon Ball. Not only can it destroy planets, it can destroy entire galaxies. Beerus is even so strong that he stops Son Goku in Super Saiyan 3 mode with just one finger. Not from bad parents, what?

According to the comic book, fans are wondering whether Moro could join forces even greater than the purple villain. After all, he demonstrates skills in the current manga that even surprise him.

Could Moro Beerus theoretically beat? In a bitter struggle on New Namek, he absorbs the energy of Son Goku and Vegeta to transform himself into a kind of "Super Saiyan". But Moro not only sucks out life forms, but also energy attacks that threaten to hit him. The guy is a true energy vacuum cleaner who gets stronger the more he ingests.

Theoretically, the comic book suspects that the planet-eater could also absorb Beerus' divine AI energy, which should increase his power immeasurably.

How strong Moro actually is, we will certainly continue to execute the manga. So far, it doesn't look rosy for Son Goku and Vegeta in the fight against the villain ...