Name: canvas picture (without picture frame)
Size: 30 * 50cm * 2, 30 * 70cm * 2, 30 * 90cm * 1
Material: canvas
Color classification: image color
Production method: computer printing
Craft: Art Micro Spray
Visual effect: three-dimensional
Scope: decoration hotel, home decoration, office building, office, gymnasium, dance hall, resort, hotel, cafe, living room, study, bedroom, dining room, corridor, leisure club

No smell, no fading, waterproof
Professional canvas, rich texture
Micro-jet technology, high-definition original copy
Long-term preservation, imported ink
Use maintenance: If you clean the screen, you can wipe the screen with a dry cloth, clean the simple, high-resolution, waterproof and moisture-proof canvas.

Does not contain a picture frame.
Due to the difference between the personal monitor and the camera, there will be a small color difference!

The product was there before the actual broadcast date :)
The product is very high quality and that for the price :) was very pleasantly surprised
And would recommend it to anyone :)

Since you should have read the description better, thought that would be ready on a screen. Now we have the salad and we have to get some linen. Apart from that, the quality seems very good at first glance, let's see what it looks like when it hangs on the wall

top goods / material, recommended.!