The balls are really very nice. Of course, I bought all seven and could not find out anything that would have bothered me. These are the only balls I've found that match the ORIGINAL SIZE of manga / anime. The stars really seem to fly in the ball as the foil goes to the edge of the ball. Therefore, no edges of the foil on which the stars are printed are visible. Even if you keep them in the sun, the balls pass the test. Bell clear, no pollution inside the balls.
The packaging of the balls is also very nice and stable. Each ball comes in a single package to grow with Shenlong on top. In it you can keep the balls very nice if you want.

The only drawbacks I have found: The orange cloth on which the balls are in the packaging is really only cheap cut apart and drags on if you are not careful. Number two would be that the delivery period is really very long. The balls come really directly from Japan and therefore need about 2 1/2 weeks! With fast times to order the last push is nothing here.

Nevertheless, who is a fan should get the original balls. It is worth it!

The bullet arrived unscathed. She is like in the description and looks very good. For fans a very nice gift and also serves as a decoration

The Dragonball itself was just like all I bought!
nothing to complain about
but the box was totally broken shut she had to stick!

I'm very satisfied. Very fast delivery.
I never thought the ball would be so good, but it's perfect! A great birthday present !! :)

Workmanship is perfect and I will get all the others too.

Will most likely write the same with the others, if everything goes as smoothly as in the;)

I am very pleased!