Piccolo is on my sixth rise Dragonball Z model Amazon since April to see if he would finally be released.
Delivered perfect in two days (Prime) and the set up is like the rest. You do not need paint or glue anything. Set up was rather easy, his shoulder gave me some trouble because the pieces are almost identical and I had them switched by accident. So be careful with the red muscle outline pieces, very thin and delicate but there are only two of them.
Overall, Piccolo looks awesome. So he added the Super Saiyan 2 hair to Gohan since I am using my cell figure with one of the Androids. I think Piccolo and Gohan look pretty cool together!
Would you rate Piccolo? Broly would be first and second, both of these figures have amazing detail. Piccolo just looks awesome and intimidating, a step up from figures like Trunks and Gohan but not really overall Cell quality level.
If you're a fan get Piccolo! Want to look awesome in any collection, $ 35 is not bad if it's ever in the $ 20 range it's a steal. I bought Broly right when he was released for $ 55 now it's $ 40 but whatever.
Next release is Vegeto yeah who cares. Give me Raditz and Bardock !!

I've been building this Dragon Ball model kit now, and building it one of my favorites. It's got a little mechanism in the arms that lets the poor "stretch" like all the namekians. It can not go too far, but it allows for more realistic poses that you can not do with some kits. The classic arms crossed pose is one of these, for example. So, it comes with his full cap and turban, in case you want to put it on instead of having him in just his gi. His special beam cannon blast is definitely the coolest projectile pieces I've seen in all of these kits and looks like the spiral around the central beam is not touching at some angles, creating a "floating" effect. Gohan's SSJ1 hair, a little homage to their closeness. It attaches and looks great on the Teen Gohan kit. I'd highly recommend buying the Gohan kit as well as you have the extra cash. Overall great build, nice quality, really enjoyable attention to detail. A must for piccolo fans!


Piccolo was a very fun build. Quality is good, for those new to figure rise, the quality can not be expected to be the same as sh figuarts. Overall this is great tho. I have one complaint and that is piccolo's height. Official stats put piccolo at about 7 1/2 feet tall so at least Piccolo should be taller than Goku's figure rise, or about tall as Perfect cell. Piccolo and Goku are the exact same height when built.