The print is also very nice, but something 3D (see picture) at the beginning, she smells a little new, is now to air outside think that goes away.

So I am absolutely thrilled. The covers do what they promise and look very crass and very Dated. I would always buy them!!! I can only recommend!!

Super pressure, super processed.
Is very good in the hand.

I bought the cover for my nephew and I was thrilled.
The pressure on the phone case looks great, is not blurry or out of focus and fits perfectly on the phone!

Very high quality and has a great design, so it's better than expected. At first I thought that the imprint would not be good but now I am convinced of the opposite.

Have the phone case for three months and the shell is still nothing happened super quality, the shell showed my colleagues, who have subsequently ordered which.

It is just perfect 100% recommended!
I thought that the logo would not look like that, but they are nipped in the bud! Simply WOW

Mega shell!
Had many covers but this is by far the most beautiful.

A must for every Vegeta / DBZ fan! Very pleasant cover that absorbs light bumps well. The picture lasts very well without wearing off too fast and the 3D effect (some lines are raised) is also very cool.