My friend loved this shirt, I bought it for him for Christmas and he liked it quite a bit! He talked about seeing much more expensive versions on the streets of California so this seems like a good deal for an authentic looking shirt

The logos on the shirt are thick and high quality. I love that it has the kame symbol in the front and king kai symbol on the back just like Goku. I think this fits true to size and the material is high quality.

This shirt is truly remarkable, I wish I had the only one because if everyone is special then no one is.

When I first received the package it had an almost undetectable hum or vibration to it but deep in my mind I knew it was there. As soon as I broke the seal of the packaging an intense single beam of light ,that was orange as a road cone, literally and physically knocked me to my knees. Then simply the light disappeared (on a side note when I go #1after that it looks like orange Gatorade and is quite refreshing).

The first time I wore the shirt I felt as if a million sayian souls that perished on their planet was coursing through my veins (I now know the allure of scientology) and I could "sense" every living beings power level. FYI -my puny dog is only a level 12.

There are so many other amazing changes to me after wearing this shirt but they are not believable like the rest of my review and I don't want the accusations of deceitful intentions to affect my reputation

One very very important point to remember DO NOT EVER WEAR THIS SHIRT TO SLEEP. You will hear whispers in an ancient tongue over and over asking "kakarot what happened to your tail*

First off, my shirt arrived early! That's a plus.

Second, I read the reviews on the shirt and some of them said the white print would start coming off in the wash. I washed mine the day I got it (following washing directions) and the print was still there! So another plus lol.

The shirt is very comfortable and I am very happy with it. I received a total of 5 compliments the day that I wore it.

Get the shirt! Support DBZ :)

The decals are still on this shirt despite my boyfriend wearing it about 10000 times a week and washing it just as much. the orange color hasn't faded very much either. He loves this shirt.

I bought this for my husband for Christmas along with a few other items. However he wears the shirt more then he uses anything else I got him. So I would definitely call this a win!

My brother loves this shirt, it doesn't fade after multiple washes, it's true to size, it doesn't shrink in the wash, and any DBZ fan should have this..

I usually wear a Size L/XL. I ordered the Large and was pleasantly surprised this fit without being too snug on the old gut and didn't shrink much in the wash either. It's a great shirt. It's bright colors hopefully won't fade, and the graphics aren't the cheap "iron-on" ones I've gotten before that just crack and pull off after a few washes. This should last at least a few years, and then I'll probably have to buy anther to replace it.

Do yourself a favor, if you're debating this shirt, and you need something to cover up your bare skin, buy this shirt. I've even received a few compliments and it makes for a fun conversation starter occasionally.

Awesome shirt, it has easily become my favorite. Fits as expected, I could go Super Saiyan in this lol.