It was like my hand clicked "purchase" before my mind even told my fingers to click. I moved with such speed it was barely even visible. Everyone in the room gasped in shock at the incredible speed I had. But it didn't last, I collapsed because no body was made to have such power.

The shipping box and the pop box arrived in great condition. I’m overall satisfied with my purchase and would recommend. However, there are a couple things I noticed that some people wouldn’t like. Like, a gap in his hair line where they attached it, the paint work that varies, or the damaged product gamble.

If you're a Dragon Ball fan, but you don't have the money to put down on a fancy Japanese figure, but you still want some sort of trinket to admire Goku's [currently] most-powerful form, this Pop figure isn't too shabby.

The paint job is pretty decent for the most part (some slight flaws with the torn edge of his pants), but beyond that it's a pretty nice little figure. The shiny/metallic silver color used for the hair and eyes looks nice, and will help it stand out among any collection you have.

All in all, a nice DBS figure for those on a budget.

Satisfied with my purchase. Box was in mint condition and so was the product itself. Arrived days before estimated date. Price was good!

I mean it’s a doll so besides sitting in it’s box and (hopefully) increasing in value it works perfectly

Very happy with the conditions in which this package came in. Goku looks amazing!

 Box figure was a little beat from the shipment at the bottom but I'd suggest maybe next time put some padding around the box? Apart from that, this was great!

It just smells of a pop that is worth like $100 but you can get at a super reasonable price. It’s BA! Simple as that really

Really nice looking pop of Goku. Lucked out by getting one with a good paint job as I've seen others that looked kind of splotchy.

The pop figure came in excellent condition. Perfect for any dragon ball or pop funko collector.

I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my brother. The box was in perfect shape and the paint job was decent. I’m excited to see his face when he opens it!

Liked the product itself
Came in good condition and also the figure has no issues on the paint and details
Everything awesome!