Preordered it for 19.99 so it was a great deal and looks pretty great as well. No issues. No gaps in hair which is common with some of these banpresto figures. Think it looks better in person than the picture they include in the listing. Very imposing figure next to other banpresto figures but still in proper scale. If you can get it at the 19.99 price tag grab it immediately.

First thing I want to point out is that the advertised picture does not do justice for the actual product. Its beautifully detailed and worth $19.99. One thing to point out is that the hair is pointy af, its not sharp but it'll surprise you lol.

Its really a 10x6 figure which makes me happy and I saw bad reviews so I got my E9000 clue ready because I heard it puts together loose, but I didn't have any issues. Slide together hard and even comes with a foot hook style stand to help him stand. Very happy with the purchase.

For $20 this thing is a steal! Banpresto makes some awesome figures and these are better than those model kits that sell for 3 times this price. I really don't understand that.

Absolutely amazing price for this very detailed and huge figure! Far exceeded my expectations.

Excelente figura un precio sumamente barato
Comparación de otras figuras

Amazing and highly detailed figure and great addition to my growing dragon ball collection.

It's a must buy for the price($19.99) even if you're remotely interested in Broly himself.
It has satisfying weight and comes with a foot-base for him to stand still.(Paint-job is pretty solid)
I added a image for some size comparassions.I highly recommend this figure.

Man banpresto does it again! An awesome affordable figure. Paint job on it is spot on and detailed. It has a nice heft to it with only 3 peice assembly. Definetely recommended to any broly or just DBZ fans this thing is epic

Amazing quality! Only thing I can complain about is the torso area doesn't hold together well with the legs. If I try to pick it up from the top then it disconnects. No an issue due to it sitting on a shelf.