Well, the Dragonballs arrived today ... I opened the box right away and summoned Shenlong ... No fun on the side .. The balls look great and for a Dragonball fan (like me) they are perfect! And if you put the box somewhere on the shelf looks wonderful;) I'm quite happy with it, the diameter is 43mm per ball ^ - ^ What only bothers me a bit is that you see this "separation" on the side of the ball ... (So you can see that 2 pieces were glued together) And the 5 star Dragonball is not the right one, like in the anime .. So overall rating: 5, because I think they just perfect;) I would recommend her.
The delivery of the DragonBalls was very fast. I ordered them the day before yesterday and they arrived on time. However, I have actually expected glass beads, which is not bad at all. I'm even more grateful for that, as I accidentally dropped one when unpacking. The balls work well and make a nice light when you hold them against a light source. The quality is great. For their material, they are quite heavy, they are immaculate and the stars are clearly visible. All the stars were present and the balls are very clear, which I greatly welcome. If they were dull or cloudy inside, I would have regretted the purchase. I am more than satisfied and the size of the balls is fine and perfectly adequate.

I surprised my partner. He was thrilled and was really happy. All balls / stars were right, nothing is broken - there's nothing to complain about :)

In addition to the balls have ordered a LED light socket, so they are lit in the dark. Looks really great.
Just right for a fan (no matter how old they are ;-))

I bought the box twice for my two now over 30 year old brothers for their birthday, because they still watch the show. And what can I say: precision landing! Both were very happy and tried to summon the dragon. I do not think he came. xD

A must for every fan.
For the money you can buy these beautiful balls.
Good quality and beautifully processed.
Only what you have to say, they are a bit smaller than other balls.
So deviate from the size, as in the series ... which is not bad. : D
Thank you.

With the sending of the Dragon Balls a childhood dream came true for me haha.
The first order did not arrive at that time, I wrote to the dealer and he immediately sent me a new delivery that arrived 2 weeks earlier than was described. Is now about 2 years ago, but still highly recommended.

I'm completely satisfied. Previously had a queasy feeling because of a few bad comments or Rezesionen, in relation to "got twice the 7ner ball instead of a 5 ball". But then I decided to order the balls. So quality is great, look great, the box is also in great condition and the delivery was within a few days. Super Deko balls had also been thought to order a 5-star ball in original size instead of 7 small but no as a fan you need all. : D

Have it bought a friend for Christmas and have to say that the quality for the price is completely satisfactory.
Unfortunately, the Dragonballs are not real and he could not wish for anything, but he is happy and that's something: D
Can only recommend it.
Shipping was as expected for Prime very fast.

Expected delivery time would have been October 4, but I received mine today and must say I'm positive surprised.
I like the bullets very well.
The box where they are in, is also without damage, was wrapped in plopfolie (bubble wrap).
The balls themselves:
All stars from 1-7 are present, the processing I find ok, you can see the interface easily, if you look purely on level of the stars.
The colors are beautiful and the material is also oki. The size / diameter is as indicated 4.5 cm. Is also pluggable in the mouth. (Attention)
All in all, I am happy for the price performance. :) I can recommend it