Our heroes once again face powerful enemies in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Maybe they will soon be able to help Son Goku, whose whereabouts have finally been revealed.
Watch out Spoilers on Super Dragon Ball Heroes: While Vegeta has to deal with a shockingly powerful enemy in the Dragon Ball Super Manga, he and his son Trunks have quite different problems in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The PR anime finally launched the most powerful war of the anime saga recently, while Son Goku still lacks any trace.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes finally unveiled Son Goku's whereabouts
Since the explosion of the Prison Planet at the end of the 6th Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode, there is no trace of Son Goku. For a while, within the community, there was the terrible rumor that our hero had died (again). But now the anime has given it clarity and yes, the important clue in the recent Super Dragon Ball Heroes manga chapter was right: Son Goku is at Daishinkan!

Son Goku © Bandai Namco Entertainment
Apparently, the Daishinkan, the father of angels, saved Son Goku from certain death and brought him to safety. Since the clothing of our hero was well damaged, the Daishinkan Son-Goku also donated a new outfit. Whether Son-Goku was also trained by the Father of the Angels, as is currently being speculated within the community, however, has yet to show.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes carries the war into the 11th Universe
At the end of the 8th episode, it was revealed that the Core Area Warriors will turn to the 11th Universe, home of Jiren, in the next episode. The evil Saiyajin Cumber has already arrived there and is now facing Son-Goku's strongest opponent in the Force tournament.