Purchased this for my 16yr. old son. He's 6' tall, 155 lbs. He usually wears size Medium. Most of the reviews noted that the product ran a bit small so I purchased this hoodie in size XL to make sure it fit him properly. The XL fit him perfectly. The length of the torso is good and so is the length of the sleeves. This product has a thin, soft lining which is perfect for Florida's sometimes cool mornings and/or evenings. We're very pleased with it but would have preferred if it came with a zipper which would be convenient when worn on days that start off cool and warm up later on. Instead of having to take off the hoodie when the day warms up, it would be great to be able to simply unzip it and still keep it on to reveal the DBZ t-shirt worn underneath.

I haven't found anything wrong so far I really like it. It's a light jacket which I prefer because I live in the heat a lot of the time. Sleeves are a bit long but I like it. Graphics look good. I'm 5'8 and weigh 180 and got US XL and it fits good. Just make sure you order a size or two larger than what you would usually get.

Fits to small, but the problem was the pic was blurry, not as shown. On the bright side the responded right away to my disappointment and they are replacing the sweaters with a good quality pic. Hopefully I get it before Christmas. I'm just waiting right know let you guys know when I received them and how they look.
Received the replacement it took longer than expected but they delivered good quality my kids are happy, they were in contact with me all the time. I'll recommend .
I Expected a cotton hoodie but instead was pleasantly supplies with more of a silky type of fabric and the fit was perfect even after a wash it didn’t shrink at all and it was pretty obnoxious to look at my fiancé wear it every were but satisfied because he’s so picky about his gifts especially clothes! I do recommend going up on the size if you want a baggy fit though, he likes his hoodies to fit perfect and this one does he usually would get an American size large this was a Xtra large size chart is in the post.
Ordered this for my husband.. purchased him a 3x and it fits like and xl... but needless to say it fit and he LOVES IT ! he is getting SO MANY compliments! The outside is like a spandex type of material with a very soft lining Inside. This is NOT a thick winter hoodie ..rather more of a spring fall type hoodie that offers a little warmth.