I agree with the 3 star review and was a bit disappointed that SonGoku is already pictured as SSJ on the mug and not transformed as described with the hot content. Nevertheless, this does not break ... The cup is super cool and you look forward every now and then to drink a fresh coffee / tea !!! (Tea is better, then the cup is full!) Have fun with it, always happy!

Because I totally love Dragon Ball. Was this mug obligatory for me. Have the half year now and everything stops. The cup is only washed by hand. Since she is not fixed rinsing machine. Termo color reacts quickly.

Top mug.
Came as pictured. Changes directly when pouring hot liquids.
And I dork give the buddy. She would have liked to keep herself.

I gave the cup to my friend for Nicholas. He is thrilled and looking forward to his coffee every morning.

As a great DBZ fan can not be missing an article in the household, especially since I drink every day at least 1L tea. I have been using them almost daily for a good two weeks now and have not seen any quirks so far. It works the way it should - Son Goku becomes SSJ when the cup gets hot. He is NOT in the SSJ at the beginning, as others here write in their review (apparently production errors in the others). So I can only recommend this product !!!

The cup was to give away. Unfortunately, I now have to buy one myself because it just looks great. There were no chips on the cup. Well and safely packed. Everything you want. Have fun and see.

The cup is great! When she was cold, she was not the big hit, but when pouring hot drinks ... I gave her away, but she would have liked to keep herself.

A nice cup and the quality is good. The effect that is generated is outstanding. Not only Kamehameha is shown, even Son Goku's hair changes color and appearance. The water does not even have to cook for the effect! Real great mug, I would buy anytime again!

Simply cool. Very detailed transformation. I drink every day out of the cup and party every time the mug turns.
Stable processed or robust material.

However, always wash them yourself by hand.
When not in use, it also makes a good decoration in the showcase.

Recommended for fans