Absolutely stunning Quality, and not expensive either. It arrived a day early and was very well packaged, there's many different colors that you can choose from and at one point I even got it to change colors automatically. The light is easy on the eyes as well, even in a dark environment. All in all, if you're a Dragon Ball fan then I'd recommend this as a must have!

I love this little lamp. When it arrived it was just a little smaller than I expected, but still big enough and detailed enough to warrant the $20 pricetag. I love Dragonball z, and this lamp is definitely a great buy for a dragon ball fan who wants a cool little desk lamp/night light. I love how many colors the lamp can use, 7 in total. Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, light blue, and white. It also has a setting where you can set the lamp to automatically cycle through the colors, which is very nice. Basically to use the lamp you press the power button on the front to cycle though the colors, and to turn it off you just hold the power button for about 2 seconds. Great product would recommend to anyone who is a fan of DBZ. My only complaint is that I can't seem to find too many other lamps like this from ubikort. The only other one's I have found were the deathstar, and the millenium falcon, both from star wars.

The level of details, the quality of material, the packing, all over exceeded my expectations. I got it delivered on the promised time. I’ll recommend it 100%!!

Personally I think this as great value for money. I’m super happy with the light and my daughter loves it :) delivery was quick and actually earlier than first stated. I highly recommend this to and DB fan.

Excellent my grandson loved it. And goes to sleep with it every nite. Quality price service and lamp
Itself excellent.

I purchased this for my senior in highschool. He is theming his college dorm room in his fave anime, and Dragon Ball Z is a front runner! He will be thrilled on Christmas Day!

My son loves this lamp. It’s his favorite gift. The different colors shine bright and the image is clear in all of them. A definite win for DragonballZ fans.

It's smaller than I expected, but haven't had any issues so far. Lights all work and have just the right brightness to use overnight. Haven't tried batteries yet though.