Mugs we drink hot drinks from can have fun designs. If you Google Search, "Heat Reactive Mugs," you'll definitely see DragonBall Z heat reactive mugs as your first results. Wow!! Well, these mugs definitely work for the show and the immense power ups we see. Anyway, DragonBall Z is a series I've liked for many years. I thought it would be fun to have a mug light up when pouring hot water in it, and it is! Also, like my title I ought to say that I like the KaioKen technique in the series more than Super Saiyan transformations. I feel like the constant Power Ups, and Super Saiyan Transformations eventually get out of whack, especially now in DragonBall Super. Power Scaling didn't seem to make as much sense after the Frieza Saga. The KaioKen technique during the Saiyan Saga seemed to make more sense, a sudden power surge that could do damage to the body, and having a red aura around you. I feel like Goku looks better with the KaioKen than Super Saiyan Transformation. One iconic moment from the series was when Goku was showing Captain Ginyu his full-power level after arriving on Namek using the KaioKen. That looked amazing. Anyway, obviously this cup is the KaioKen technique. It really is cool, and fun seeing a favorite D.B.Z. character power up on a mug. If you like DragonBall Z, and like hot drinks, I'd recommend you get this or any D.B.Z. mug you like. It will seem cool, and drinking hot drinks with this mug will be fun. I also ought to say, I ordered it and it arrived fine, undamaged, and in a timely manner.

Was hesitant because of some reviews I read, but I took a chance, and ordered it! It was a successful Christmas gift that worked AMAZING! (I tested to see if the flames showed with hot water before gifting, and they did) Would def recommend to a friend


Nice gift! My brothers went crazy when they received it!

I love it all besides the fact that it's a little small than I expected but it's fine. I can live with it. Nothing bad to say about it.

The mug came on time, and I gifted it to my sister's boyfriend. He loves it and couldn't wait to try it out, which he did immediately after opening it. Works great and looks great!