So ... my second attempt, after I found in the first attempt on a dubious provider. The problem strikes me again and again with other products that dubious providers offer a product at a significantly lower price and thus want to lure customers. Also in my case I was too stingy and ordered the tshirt here for just over 10 Euro. When the shirt did not arrive after a few days, I became suspicious and first researched the reason. Quickly found: Suppliers from Asia. Delivery took about 3 weeks and as expected the quality was far from satisfactory. The tshirt was too small (although ordered in XL), at most size M I suspect and the review was unclean and out of focus. Yesterday ordered again from MAKAYA and today finally got the "right" shirt. Proper size, clean print and comfortable to wear.
So, dear Amazon colleagues, does not make the same mistake as me, but fits better when buying!


My husband wears this T-shirt for a good 2 years now, so often I wash it and I have to say I'm still excited about it - quality - DragonBall fan I'm not like this ;-) - the fabric is still nice and thick, the T-shirt does not warp, the color is still great - I would not have expected!
Turns out as stated! So, dear Amazon colleagues, does not make the same mistake as me, but fits better when buying!

The T-shirt looks exactly like the picture and also the size fits exactly. The material is comfortable to wear and has not discolored or deformed even after several washes. For fans a clear must. I would purchase it again.

Super Tshirt, a must for every fan.
The print is very nice and well made. Holds every wash until now and looks like new.
The fabric is comfortable to wear.
Looks like in the picture. :)

Was bought as a gift and prepared great joy.
Size chart was in my opinion very realistic and then fit the person very well.

The shirt was a present for my friend.
The wears XL and the shirt fits very well in this size.
After several washings still great.
I would buy again